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Costa Brava Hotels De Luxe







The Costa Brava with over 200 km of coastline from the French border to the mouth of the Tordera River near Barcelona is much more than a string of beaches, coves and cliffs, which form a rugged but friendly coastline.


A transit point for different cultures and a gateway to the Iberian Peninsula first for the Greeks and then for the Romans, the land of the Costa Brava is steeped in history and tradition, apart from its spectacular landscape of lush Mediterranean vegetation.


Its tourism dates back to the early 20th Century when the writer Ferran Agulló baptized it with its name by which it has now become internationally renowned...


The Costa Brava is an area where one can enjoy culture, sport or fine cuisine while staying at superb and comfortable luxury hotels.






The origins of tourism on the Costa Brava date back to the beginning of XX Century and since then the number of hotels have continually grown. Today the best hotels on the Costa Brava have joined and work under the group name of “Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe”. The characteristics and locations of these establishments are very diverse but what they all have in common is that they are the maximum in comfort, are surrounded by beautiful gardens and offer unbeatable service that guarantees the tranquility and satisfaction of its clients.


















You will also find magnificent restaurants in the best hotels on the Costa Brava where you can try from traditional Catalan dishes to avant-garde dishes in enchanting surroundings in gardens, beside swimming pools or in great halls in which one will enjoy unbeatable service.











Hapimag Resort in Mas Nou

The Hapimag Resort in Mas Nou located at the Costa Brava is one of about 60 Holidayresorts of Hapimag. Since 55 years Hapimag offers their members and shareholders Holidays like at home in top locations in about 16 countries. The business model of the Swiss company is based on a simple idea: Through the acquisition of a share you are a part-owner of Hapimag and via point system you are entitled to   get preferential rates for your holiday in the Hapimag resorts.  Whether in the mountains, near the sea, in the countryside or in European metropolises, unique holiday experiences for the most diverse demands and expectations are guaranteed...

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Lloret de Mar, place where laurel trees grow

The earliest mention of the town of Lloret de Mar is found in a document dating from 966 AD. Its name comes from the Latin Lauretum, which means “place where laurel trees grow”. Located just 60 minutes from Barcelona and 20 minutes from Girona Airport, Lloret de Mar is an all-year-round destination for tourists in search of sun, sand, sea and the idyllic landscapes of the Costa Brava...

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Blanes: gate to the Costa Brava

The town of Blanes is situated around 70 km to the north of Barcelona and lies in a beautiful natural setting next to the sea and surrounded by greenery. It enjoys a mild climate. The character of the locals is no doubt shaped by the town’s Mediterranean seaside setting and the sea is what drives the local economy, mainly dedicated to fishing, commerce and tourism...

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Muralla Optica Costa Brava (Spain)

Muralla Optica began in the world of optics in 1997, offering its professional products and services in the city of Blanes.Due to the good acceptance of its clients, 4 years later Muralla Optica begins to open new stores in different towns of Catalonia, at the moment, we already have 12 centers: in Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Santa Susana, Sant Celoni, Calella , Castelldefels, Girona,Playa de aro,Palamos,Roses,Vic and Sant Adrià del Besós, etc...

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Bakery "PdePA" in Lloret de Mar

PdePA was born in 2014 with a small but ambitious project in the province of Girona, Lloret de Mar. With the aim to became a reference in the world of coffee shops betting not only for the design of the venues but also for excellence in service and the quality of our products. Based on these premises we have been able to build our first business and these are still our identity today...

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